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Ombudsperson Process

SEDECAL (Headquarters)

C/ Pelaya, 9 – 13

Pol. Ind. Río de Janeiro

28110 Algete, Madrid

España (Spain)

Tel.- +34 916 280 544

Fax.- +34 902 190 385

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230 Lexington Drive

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA

Tel.- +1 847 394 6960

Fax.- +1 847 394 6966

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北京赛德科医疗设备有限公司 Beijing Sedecal Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

北京亦庄经济技术开发区,荣昌东街七号,隆盛工业园,一号厂房, 104 单元。邮编:100176

104 Unit, No.1 Building, No.7 Rongchang East Street ,Beijing

Economic-technological Development Area, 100176,Beijing, PRC.

Tel.- +86 10-67806788

Fax.- +86 10-67806188

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Ombudsperson Process

SEDECAL Group wants to convey our goal of promoting honesty, business ethics and good business practices. As a result, SEDECAL Head Management has adopted the commitment of “Good Governance “according to our culture and values to perform with integrity.

In this regard, we offer a specific communication channel between users and management to report any content which undermines the ethical principles of Good Governance that SEDECAL has established:

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Please, if you need to send any additional info, do not hesitate to e-mail us at:


Privacy policy

Please be advised that any personal data you provide will be incorporated into a personal data file in order to manage Sedecal´s Group complaint channel, these will be handled in accordance with the rules set forth in the Compliance Policy published on this website.

The owner of this file is Sociedad Española de Electromedina y Calidad, S.A., whose registered office is in Pelaya 13, 28110 Algete, Madrid (SPAIN) or those companies and entities that are listed in the consolidated annual audit report and financial statements.

Also be advised that you can, at any time, exercise your legal rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection, by means of a written communication to the attention of the Ethical Committee of Sedecal Group, and mailed to the registered office of Sedecal, at the address listed above.

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