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We, at SEDECAL CONTROL, are continuously searching to optimize industrial processes through ENERGY CONTROL by using the last available state-of-the-art technology.

To achieve this goal, we analyze customer needs designing customized solutions. We are highly committed with environmental preservation looking for the best performance and reliability systems to manage medium and high energy applications.

SAP6000 MV Soft Starter

Replacement module for Kenetech KVS-33

Reactive power compensation

MV Bypass Contactor

SCVFD 7000 New MV Frequency Drive

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SCVFD 7000 New MV Frequency Drive (in testing phase as of today) Variable Voltage Frequency Drive for Medium Voltage (MV) Motors Main Supply Voltage: 2.3kV - 13.8kV
Power: from 250kW
Frequency: 50-60Hz ±5% without derating
SAP 6000 MV Soft Starter Sotf Starter for Medium Voltage (MV) motors Voltage: 2.3kV - 13.8kV.
Power: from 250kW. Frequency: 45-65Hz.
Reactive Power Compensation Control Equipments or Capacitors Banks to integrate with electronic switching on-off by using static switches and cero voltage crossing control. Industries, wind generators, etc.
Any power. Projects already working: from 30kVAr to 400kVAr
Kenetech KVS-33 Replacement Module Kenetech KVS-33 Replacement Module Kenetech Wind turbine
MV Bypass Contactor Bypass Contactor cabinet for MV existing installations (Soft Starters, Transformers, etc) Versions: 7.2kV / 450A max. and 12kV / 400A max.


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