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SEDECAL wins patent infringement suit against Korean company DRGEM



SEDECAL (Sociedad Española de Electromedicina y Calidad, S.A.) this week received a patent infringement jury verdict in the U.S. District Court in North Carolina against DRGEM Corp., a Korean manufacture of x-ray equipment, and its U.S. distributor DRGEM USA Corp. The United States Federal Court jury returned a verdict finding patent infringement by DRGEM, DRGEM USA and local distributor Blue Ridge X-Ray, due to importation and sale of DRGEM’s x-ray generators, including the products marketed under the brands GXR, QXR, VXR, Diamond and Pinnacle. The jury awarded SEDECAL $852,000 in damages and further determined that DRGEM and DRGEM USA had infringed the patent willfully.

The patent at issue is SEDECAL’s U.S. Patent No. 6,642,829, titled High Voltage Transformer.  The patent, like SEDECAL’s related patents worldwide, covers the unique arrangement of components within a high voltage transformer, which has been utilized in SEDECAL’s x-ray high frequency generators since 2000. The patented technology relates to a significant technological advancement that sets SEDECAL as an industry leader in compact high frequency x-ray generators for use in medical, chiropractor, mobile and veterinary x-ray systems.  SEDECAL is committed to ongoing research and development for advancement of technology in the field of x-ray equipment, and is equally committed to guarding against copying of its technology by companies such as with DRGEM’s x-ray generator products.

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