The radiographic system  is a compact system with a floating table and a tube stand. It allows, with an absolute mobility and friendly-use, the obtaining of x-rays from any part of the body in any position of the patient, with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.

The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and friendly use, and it can also be configured depending on your exact clinical requirements.  including: Trauma, thorax, urology, abdomen urgencies


This column that support the X-ray tube-collimator assembly, with or without longitudinal rails is fully counterbalanced and balanced, providing smooth and precise movements in all the amplitude of its tracks. Its ergonomically designed control panel makes it easy and comfortable to operate, all movements are controlled with the hand-grips and control buttons. Additionally, it has a gyonometer to indicate the angle of the tube. By simply pressing the Control Buttons we release the electro-magnetic brakes allowing the following movements:
  • Longitudinal, allows the horizontal movement of the whole column along the rails.
  • Vertical, allows the vertical displacement of the tube-collimator assembly.
  • Transversal, telescopic tube extension in 30cm (11.8 ").
  • Rotation, allows the tube-collimator assembly rotation to allow alignment with the Wall Bucky stand ± 180o (stops at 0o and ±90o).
The hand grips allow us to rotate the column with respect to its vertical axis ± 180o (stops at 0o and ±90o). Two rails sizes are available at 2m (78.7 ") or 3m (118.1") with longitudinal movements up to 148cm (82.8 ") and 248cm (97.3") respectively.


The fixed table has an ergonomic design that provides great comfort to the patient and operator, with smooth movements in all four directions, as well as great robustness. The Floating table top dimensions are L220cm x A82.5cm (L86.6 "x A32.4"). Possibility of Longitudinal movements 90cm (35") ±45cm and Transversal movements 23cm (9") ±11.5cm. The maximum patient capacity is 300Kg. The Floating Table Top moves freely for better patient positioning. It is possible thanks to a brake pedal on its base. Table top material: Laminated board. Options: Mechanical tracking link, hand grips, compression band, and head support, lateral cassette holder.


In addition to the previous table features, the elevating table has " Table Movement Pedals" on its base that allow the lifting and lowering movements of the table, making the access of any type of patient much easier. Floating table top with dimensions of L220cm x A868cm (L86.6 "x A31.4"). Possibility of longitudinal movements 49cm (19.3 ") / 60cm (23.6") and transversal movements 12cm (4.7 ") /12cm (4.7"). Maximum patient capacity of 300Kg. Possible in two different Table top materials:
  • Carbon Fiber board
  • Laminated board


The wall bucky holder slides along the stand and enables radiographic operations at different positions along the track. It is perfectly balanced. It is controlled by an Electrical Lock. Designed to load the chassis/image detector from the left or right side.
  • Options: Set of arm support, head support, adaptation external cassette holder up to 30cmx120cm (11.8 "x 47.2").


  • Rotation / Horizontal, allows the horizontal movement of the sliding column along the rails as well as the X-ray tube-collimator assembly rotation to get SID along with adjustment with respect to theWall Stand Receptor ± 180o (stops at 0o and ±90o).
  • Vertical, it allows the upward and downward motorized movement of the tube-collimator assembly.
  • Transversal, allows the telescopic extension of the tube of 30cm (11,8 ").
Autotracking of the Tube-Collimator assembly: The Tube-Collimator Assembly automatically follows the vertical movement of the Wall Bucky Stand Receptor when the Tube-Collimator Assembly is pointing the Receptor (Bucky). The operator only has to:
  1. Move Column to the desired SID.
  2. Turn the Tube-Collimator towards the vertical Wall Stand Bucky Receptor.
  3. When moving the Vertical Bucky Receptor up or down, the Tube-Collimator Assembly is automatically aligned according to the Receptor center.
This High Frequency X-ray Generator is designed for conventional or digital radiography. It provides all the advantages of high frequency waveform Generators including lower patient dose, shorter exposure times and greater accuracy and consistency. Generator with multiple advanced functionalities:
  • High frequency Constant potential.
  • Self-diagnosis indicators identify malfunctions in the system.
  • Tube protection circuitry prolongs Tube life and increases system performance.
  • Equipped with closed loop control of X-ray Tube current, kVp and filaments, which minimizes potential errors and the need for readjustments.
  • Automatic line compensation due to closed loop operation of X-ray Tube current and kVp.
  • Independent Heat Unit storage for each X-ray Tube, even after turning On / Off the equipment.
  • Independent memory for storing Radiographic operating parameters. This permits rapid switching from one technique to another.
Possible options:
  • RAD 32Kw, Single or Triple Phase, up to 480 VAC, 125-150kVp,400Ma,500mAs, 1 o 2 tubes.
  • RAD 40Kw, Single or Triple Phase, up to 480 VAC, 125-150kVp,500Ma,500mAs, 1 o 2 tubes.
  • RAD 50Kw, Single or Triple Phase, up to 480 VAC, 125-150kVp,640Ma,500mAs, 1 o 2 tubes.
The options mentioned above could be configured with:
  • The Batteries Charger keeps the batteries fully charged with an equalized level as long as the unit is connected to the mains.
  • Stand-Alone, we have an autonomous operation of the unit when the power line is not present and a battery power supply system is used.
  • The Storage Capacitors are kept at an optimum charge level by the Capacitor Charger which controls the level and performs periodical charges.