The new NOVA is a heavy-duty X-Ray Tube Overhead Support System characterized by

It’s simple and functional design, with its new light weight design, the NOVA guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.

Thanks to its vertical and horizontal displacements, the NOVA can cover almost all the volume of the room in which it is installed.

The new NOVA support system can operate on a horizontal or vertical bucky, or be installed with an elevating table.

The NET 4000 AT, with Auto-tracking system prepared for working with the ceiling suspension, is a carbon heavy-duty table with a four-way floating tabletop, designed to increase patient comfort and to facilitate the operator´s work in cases of general radiography and/or special applications. With the adequate selection of the X-ray tube, generator and tube support, it can be used for tomographic applications (Optional). The variable height features make patient positioning very easy and it is particularly well suited for environments with many trauma, geriatric, pediatric and orthopedic cases.
The NBS AT is prepared for AUTOTRACKING function with the ceiling suspension.


  • Ergonomic and robust, to withstand intensive hospital use
  • Heavy-duty motorized vertical stand.
  • Tilting wall stand.


  • Anti-collision system incorporates.
  • Electromagnetic brakes.


  • Intuitive and easy release buttons.
  • Effortless motions, all of them counterbalanced.
  • Total counterbalance for manual positioning.


  • It allows off-table radiographies: Skull and spine in horizontal and vertical positions and a variety of radiographs of patient standing, recumbent, sitting on a wheelchair or on a stretcher.
  • This new stand is suitable for all varieties of examinations including horizontalvertical and oblique angles.
Auto – Tracking: As far as tracking movements of the tube with respect to the receptor or bucky, there can be two:
  • Tracker with Auto-tracking: Starting from a standard position, auto-tracking is carried out according to the position of the receptor throughout all of its axes, maintaining the relative initial geometry (spatial orientation).
  • Tracker: From any position in which the primary beam of the X-rays cuts the detector, the auto-tracking will be limited, without angulations when the selected workstation button is pressed. There are two possible combinations.
    • Suspension NOVA – WALL STAND: When manually moving the receptor, the suspension will move to the requested SID in parallel until it is centered with the bucky. If this is done while in tilting, the NOVA will maintain the vertical and perpendicular SID constant by rotating around the receptor.
    • Suspension NOVA – TABLE: In this setup, whether moving the receptor or suspension first, both elements are motorized and will follow up by auto centering.
Auto-Positioning: On this mode it can be selected from the control station some positioning preconfigured (up to 16 positions in the ceiling suspension) with two options:
  • Auto- Positioning – TABLE: The suspension automatically positions itself above the table according to the SID specified during the Configuration
  • Auto- Positioning – WALL-STAND:The suspension automatically positions itself in front of the vertical Bucky or receptor according to the SID specified during Configuration.