The general radiographic system SEDECAL X URS is design to give the maximum flexibility and clinic productivity.

SEDECAL X is a universal swivel arm X-ray system. It is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature which applies to all conventional exposure techniques on all parts of the body.

The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turn able arm with variable height center. It allows to take exposures of patients in standing, sitting or lying position.

Owing to its compact design Optima URS is a low-cost radiography system which takes up little space and is quick to install.

  • Tube Stand, with support on floor and wall
  • Counterbalance system for easy movement of the equipment and positioning
  • Electromagnetic brakes for all movements
  • Double positioning control, for all movements, from the frontal, tube/collimator, to the rotation center of the arm.
  • Vertical travel controls of the arm from the bucky for easy positioning of the patient
  • Super speed Bucky
Focus film distance fix SID100 cm – 200 cm
Vertical movement 114 cm
Minimum distance bucky-floor 44.5 cm
Rotation of the arm-bucky-X-ray tube +90º / -135º
Bucky Angulations ± 45º
Cassette tryfrom 13×18 to 35×43 cm. either direction
Grid Relation12:1, 40 lines/cm
  • Anatomical program APR with 534 programmable techniques by the user.
  • Console with anatomical program microprocessor controlled
  • Has seven anatomical sections with different program selection preprogramed for sis different sizes of patients: pediatric/adult and inside of each one small/normal/big.
  • Permits personal configuration of the radiographic techniques and its easy save in memory for latter uses
  • The APR permits the program of any radiographic parameter need for the study as it is:
    • Work station
    • KVP, mA, mAs and exposure time
    • AEC, area and density
    • Combination of type of intensifier screen
  • It has a section (various in the touch screen console) for personalized configuration for other type of special studies not contemplated and can be configured by the user on a friendly use with all parameters mentioned before.


The Radiographic laminated moving table is made in a high compression structure with brakes in two wheels
Height 70 cm. (27.6”)
Length 200 cm. (86.6”)
Width 65 cm. (25.6”)
Weight 40 kg. (66.1 lb.)
Filtration0.8mm Al
Patient capacity 200 Kg. (441 lb.)
Grid Relation12:1, 40 lines/cm