SEDECAL`s portable systems combine the power of an x-ray unit with the flexibility of performing outside of hospital (emergencies, countryside, military issues…)

The new portable light series brings the opportunity to make examinations with maximum power of 8kW carrying the minimum weight, only 15Kg.

The system includes APR with 20 configurable programs.

As an option a foldable stand and a transport trolley are available to make the transportation easier.

Control Console integrated in the Monoblock system with:
  • Digital indicator of the selection for kVp and mAs parameters.
  • Large/small focus selection.
  • Light indicator and acoustic of the X-ray exposure.
  • Magnetic thermal limitation switch.
  Automatic Programming (APR) with 20 editable positions.
KW Maximum Power 4 KW
Single-Phase 100/240 (± 10%) VAC 50/60 HZ
kVp Range
( 1kVp steps)
40 – 125 Kvp
Accuracy: ±(3% + 1 kVp)
mA Range5 to 100mA in 16 steps (Renard scale)
5, 6,4, 8, 10, 12,5, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100 mA
Accuracy: ±(4% + 1 mA)
Power Output (@ 0,1s)125 kVp @ 32 mA
100 kVp @ 40 mA
50 kVp @ 80 mA
40 kVp @ 100 mA
Exposure Time Range0.001 – 10 seconds in 25% steps according to R´10
Accuracy: ± (2% + 0.1 ms)
mAs Range0.1 mAs – 250 mAs in 25% steps according to R´10
Accuracy: ± (5% + 0.1 mAs)
High Voltage Ripple (Typ)300 KHz
Max. Energy input (hour)125KVp @ 700 mAs
Duty Cycle12 exposures per hour consisting of 4 consecutive series of 3 exposures at 100%, 50% and 25% of maximum energy respectively (lapse time between exposures: 5 min). The equivalent current in continuous mode of the above Duty Cycle corresponds to 0.19 mA at a nominal voltage of 125 kVp.
Maximum leakage radiation0.88 mGy per hour or 100 mR per hour
Total Inherent Filtration2.9 mmAl @ 75 kVp
Assembled X-ray Tube0.9 mmAl @ 75 kVp
Assembled Collimator2.0 mmAl @ 75 kVp
Thermomagnetic Interrupter/Circuit Breaker of at least (Differential)30 A (curve type C) for 100/120 VAC, and
16 A (curve type C) for 220/240 VAC
The general Circuit Breaker installed in the Portable Unit is 32 A (curve type C) with a Differential 30 mA Sensitivity
  • Auto Diagnostic System with error code, to make easy maintenance
  • Connection to standard outlets with GND that accomplishes local regulations.
  • Power Cable Length: 6 meters.
  • Hand switch Cable Length: 3 meters.
  • The Power Line Installation should be provided with a 30 mA Sensitivity
As an option the portable SPL-HF system can be purchased as an option with the foldable stand ideal for outside exposures. This stand helps the professional to perform exposures in any circumstances without effort due to the multiple positions of the arm. Also, it is optional the trolley to keep the X-ray Unit. This trolley made in full aluminum works as a transport luggage.